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Find A Beacon That Shines Bright For You And Your Loved One

Discover the remarkable gift of Memory Care at the Park

We are all given the gift of life as we enter this world and begin our life’s journey. Our early and growing years are filled with learning, discovery and wonder at all we encounter along our path.

As we enter the latter and final stages of our lives, does that discovery process have to stop? At Memory Care at the Park, we believe emphatically that it should not. For seniors living with dementia, it is vitally important to provide a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment that employs a person-centered care strategy that involves caregivers and families alike as partners in the process. This allows a flexible problem-solving approach to identifying and preventing problems by modifying care strategies to meet changing situations. Our approach helps a loved one to continue or, perhaps, rekindle the light of discovery in their own unique way.

Memory Care at the Park is extremely proud of our caregiver to resident care ratio that promotes high quality relationships between your loved one and our highly trained and empowered staff. Those relationships are the heart of the difference you will find at Memory Care at the Park – assuring the highest quality of care and life possible for your loved one.

Located in Hatboro, PA

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